Morph (proteus_maximus) wrote in exileselseworld,

Household Name

With the Summers and Lensherrs toning things down in light of recent events, the past six months in New York City had proved a goldmine of new criminal opportunity. The Maggia crime family - Italian mobsters of the old-school variety - had started moving into the turf of the mutant mafiosos, using their technologically-enhanced footsoldiers.

The so-called "Re-Made Men".

The police were overburdened. Outgunned. Overwhelmed.

The re-appearance of the mysterious "Spider-Man" who had been reported by thugs some weeks earlier further confounded the authorities, but their confusion turned to relief when the webslinging mystery-man started to hit the Maggias, hard.

Morph plays the role in the evenings - spending the daylight hours with little Irving, naturally.

And yet, he still can't get a positive headline from the Bugle. Some things never change.
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